Days count in dance when you amount and glance

thedarkeststranger2021/07/16 18:31


Days count in dance when you amount and glance

Days count in dance when you amount and glance

School days lack today,

I regret, I missed those two days,

When the fays, swayed to the, grooves’ way,

Proving their move, can slay the blue bay,

It was a dance contest, I can say,

With the contestants, straying the glance, to pay,

A tribute, to the debutants, freshers by the way,

To flex them, with attribute, with a cute, flute melodic play,

It started, with a prayer blessing, lessening all the slayers’ stressing,

Pacing the aura, with the remedy caressing,

The wounds, by untold fauna, with the floral bonds pressing,

The rock passion, with the hard beats, to serve compassion,

To the block shocked mansion, breaking the nerves, of a man, with pension,

Curbing all the tension, with the herb in, the rhyming pen-sion,

Next came the top listed pop, to shop all the faces, who crop,

By the bored, and harsh start, to hop, on a mop, by parts,

Splashing the tears, wiping the crashing fears,

As the perplexing cheers, just swiped the sadness, quite mere,

As the glad ears, began to clear, out all the choked smoked competing peers,

The moment, was a gear, to the bells, who rang,

The rhymes of hip hop, topping the silly crimes, who sang,

From the first day cry, to the last day died,

Forming a blast way fried, with buns, of worst beating, yet not pried,

Since those friends, were there, who helped me, raise with pride,

The ride on rocks, with the sigh winds, to chase,

A roller coaster, of craze, with a trolling thruster, in daze,

Speeding up, the route, sometimes demising, down to root,

But when greeded up for fruit, remember the silent companion, from the non violent world, of groot,

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