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Bearly Friends - Barvale Holiday Tales, #5 pan C.D. Gorri


  • Bearly Friends - Barvale Holiday Tales, #5

  • C.D. Gorri

  • Format: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2

  • ISBN: 9798215857199

  • Editeur: WMG Publishing

  • Date de parution: 2023

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Things heat up in Barvale when Betty and Crush go toe to toe over a job! It's summer in Barvale, but nothing ever changes for Betty Wilson. She's been working for Lance Auto Repair since she was a sophomore at Barvale High School. Thirteen years later, she finally finished getting her certification in software development and has big ideas for improving the business. The boss is on board, but there's one guy who just won't budge. Crush Martinez, or Marty as his friends call him, is a hands on kinda guy.
What's a man need a computer for when he's got the power of a Black Bear roaring inside of him? All he needs is a little elbow grease and he can fix any car, any time. But Betty won't quit pestering him about using the complicated system she implemented. They've been friends forever, and Marty is used to getting his way, but sometimes change is inevitable. Clan mates or not, Betty won't let her ideas be pushed aside by the hunk of smexy Bear. Will this persistent Sow convince the obstinate Bruin to try something new?

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