What is causing cryptocurrency to crash across the board?

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What is causing cryptocurrency to crash across the board? It’s not crashing. It is correcting. The picture below is the last 5 years of Bitcoin. (Bitcoin, being the largest market cap of all crypto currencies it shadows the market perfectly.) I call this the “Angle of adoption” because crypto is still in the adoption phase. We’re no where close to an actual “market crash”. When zoomed out and looking at the market, those “crashes” that all the articles are going on about is nothing more than a normal price correction/profit taking time. Crypto will continue on its path upward soon enough. Nows the time to buy and HODL long term!!

What is causing cryptocurrency to crash across the board?

What is causing cryptocurrency to crash across the board? It’s not crashing.

The Cryptocurrency market is not crashing; it is correcting; and it's been overdue for a correction for over a month or so.

BUT! Why is it correcting? Why am I losing Money?!!!

For a multitude of reasons

Crypto is volatile; read the signs of a market correction, don't be overly greedy, & swap into stable coins or fiat prior to when it becomes too good to be true… Remember, Bernie Madoff went to prison for posting consecutive annual gains of 8%. What he did was illegal as it was a Ponzi scheme, but, just for comparison, Cryptocurrencies are not Ponzi schemes, they are not illegal (most), BUT an 8% APY via Cryptocurrency is nothing. BTC investors have shed 33% of their market since ATH…but for the year, they are still up 300%+! Those new to the Crypto market see this sort of shedding & panic; but panic selling is the worst thing to do with an investment—especially a new investment class; one that can spike 15% in a matter of hours; 30% in a day; & all while those who have been around Crypto for a while take a deep yawn…

What's the multitude of reasons then?!

Not by Elon Musk's doing to the extent people are lead to believe, that's for sure!

The reiteration of Chinese regulators being absolutely against the idea of Cryptocurrency & Cryptocurrency businesses. This has undoubtedly caused downward movement.

The US failing to follow up with necessary broad stimulus to the populace, &, to some extent, the cessation of Federal Enhanced UI Benefits. As people run out of money, they tend to liquidate what they can.

The US failing to fully recognize the impact of the Student Debt Crisis. Those in debt & those not in debt alike, no matter what, are in a lose-lose game so long as the predatory debts persist. Add to that a growing mortgage/rent crisis, numerous food crises, an employment crisis, a vaccination crisis, the average American can only hold onto Cryptocurrency for so long!

And, one major factor people have given little regard—the recent movements by Facebook to take on the Cryptocurrency market with the former Libra, now known as the Diem. They have partnered with Silvergate Investments, an established Cryptocurrency bank in California rather than seeking a Swiss bank charter. Silvergate represents a massive Conflict of Interest in going forward with the Diem Foundation. Not only is it a Federal Reserve Member Bank, but it has substantial Crypto assets and is capable of pulling the market any direction it so pleases. With the capital that Facebook can set behind Silvergate & the Diem Foundation, it cannot be overstated how much of a threat the Diem is to the Crypto markets.

Also, one cannot forget about the massive amount of leveraging that impacts Bitcoin in particular, which, in turn, has an effect on the entire market as well…

Nonetheless! Cryptocurrency was specifically designed to avoid centralization & the unlimited printing of funds. In a time when every State currency supply on the planet is increasing, the concerns of inflation become very real. Cryptocurrency was an answer to this sort of inflation. Cryptocurrency still is an answer to this sort of inflation. Cryptocurrency will continue to be a solid hedge against inflation.

Prices have dropped. I in no way offer any financial advice that one should base their financial decisions upon, as I am just a random dude posting on the internet; …but, when prices drop, maybe it's a good time to increase your holdings….not necessarily into one specific Cryptocurrency either…diversify & the impact of these “downturns” turn out to be quite minimal.

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