[Pdf/ePub] Bait Girl by Tara Kennedy download ebook

Nameless2023/10/26 12:27

Bait Girl pan Tara Kennedy


Bait Girl

Tara Kennedy

Format: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2

ISBN: 9798215260487

Editeur: WMG Publishing

Date de parution: 2023

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By day, Lucy is just a normal student trying to get through her final year of high school and figure out what's next. By night, Lucy dons her party girl persona Zoe, gathering info and intervening to help other girls who might be in trouble. She's the bait girl. It's amazing how some eyeliner and some giggles make you blend in. Well, to everyone except this one boy. Will Lucy let him distract her from her mission?

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