The Landlord

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[Dave and his dad were busy watching a wrestling tournament this time. Their landlord knocks at the door] Dave: Who is there please? [stands up] Landlord: It's me Mr. Okpa your landlord. Dad: [draws back Dave and whisper to him] Hey! Ask him what he want this time. Dave: Mr. Opka, please what did you want sir? Landlord: I wanted to see your dad. Your dad needs to pay if you guys want to continue living here. Call him for me. Dad: [whisper] Tell him am not around. Dave: [walks up to the door] Mr.Opka, me dad said i should tell you that he wasn't around. Dad: [holds his head and squeezing his face] Landlord: Oh! Did he told you that? Dave: No. Landlord: Ok. Is your mother around? Dave: [looks at dad] Dad, please what should I tell him? Landlord: [on hearing, bangs at the door] Mr. Pop open this door or else I'll lock both you and your son here today. [another scene don start make I just leave you from there or what did you think would happen next to Dave when the landlord leaves] 🤣🤣🤣

The Landlord

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