Is Time travelling possible?

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Time travelling is totally possible for humans

Is Time travelling possible?

Is time travelling in to future and past is possible for humans

Believe it or not, time travel is feasible.

In fact, you're doing it immediately. Every single second of each single day, you're advancing into your own future. you're literally moving through time, an equivalent way you'd move through space. it's going to seem pedantic, but it is a vital point. Movement through time remains a movement, and you're reaching your own future (whether you wish it or not).

And what's even cooler is that you simply can skip forward in time if you are feeling love it.
Well, let me be clear, you would like to try to do a touch little bit of engineering first.

We know through the physics of Einstein's special theory of relativity that you simply can trade motion in space for motion in time. If you're standing perfectly still, you're moving through the dimension of your time at a specific speed (the speed of sunshine, for those of you who are curious). As soon as you begin moving through space, however, you hamper your rate of moving through time.

In other words, the faster you progress in space, the slower you progress in time.

This means that moving objects, sort of a clock in a rocket, run a touch bit slow. One second for somebody during a moving spaceship lasts a touch bit longer than a second for somebody staying still.

The trick is that so as for this to possess any kind of noticeable impact, you've got to urge on the brink of the speed of sunshine, which is basically hard to do—to offer you some perspective, astronauts that orbit the world at tens of thousands of miles per hour are off by only a microsecond approximately from our clocks on the bottom.

Our fastest human spacecraft don't even crack a tenth of a percent of the speed of sunshine. But if you'll somehow spend an honest amount of your time hugging on the brink of that ultimate regulation within the universe, the slower your clock will run. you'll travel through time into the longer term. Nothing will feel different for you, but after a few years' journeys, you'd return to the world to seek out our clocks advanced by thousands or maybe tens of thousands of years, counting on how briskly you go.

So the future is yours, and you get to settle on how quickly you reach it.


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