[download pdf] A Knotty Bargain - Propositions of an Alpha, #2

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A Knotty Bargain - Propositions of an Alpha, #2 pan Leann Ryans


A Knotty Bargain - Propositions of an Alpha, #2

Leann Ryans

Format: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2

ISBN: 9798223474029

Editeur: ALDIVAN Teixeira TORRES

Date de parution: 2023

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I may have gotten my brother out of trouble with the Galleons, but our situation hadn't changed. We were still drowning in debt that kept piling up faster than I could pay. My plan to forget the night with Leo doesn't work since he won't leave me alone. He says he has another proposition for me, but can I risk accepting and losing more of myself than I already have? I still haven't gotten over the night he owned me. I worry I've given him the wrong idea about what kind of omega I am, but it's so hard to stay away.
If I give in, I could afford the new treatment Momma needs and stop working 70 hour weeks. Denying him seems worse than admitting I still want him too. But I know my heat is coming, and I don't think he's going to let me out of our deal before it's here. I know he's waiting for it, but I can't let him claim me. He doesn't mean forever when he says I'm his. So I let him use my body again while I try to keep my heart locked away, but can I withstand such A Knotty Bargain? *This is book 2 in Propositions of an Alpha: The Claiming of Cadence.
This trilogy must be read in order.*

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