Bus love Story part2

Ayame2021/04/23 03:07

So I was doing just that, resting at a bus stop on one of those rare instances when a bus came by. It was more of an old truck than a bus but then, Cubans are not fussy about the type of transport, as long as it transports. And like all modes of Cuban transportation, it was packed tight with people. As a traveler in Cuba, you quickly learn to change your idea about personal space. At any rate, the truck, belching smoke, pulled up and el recaudador, the guy who rides the back of the vehicle and takes the money, opened the door to let me in the truck. I waved it off, explaining that I was not waiting for the bus. El recaudador looked at me and smiled and said, “Vámos” let’s go! I smiled back and said no thank you. “Vámos a mi casa!” Let’s go to my house! He thought that was sure to work! I smiled again and gave them the look at said, “nice try but no thank you”. But he wasn’t finished trying to lure me to his love pad. Tip 100 Satoshi for more


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