A Fool's Tale.

Phollypen2021/04/12 11:32

Everyone's got a Fool's Tale, it just depends on when it's told.

A Fool's Tale.

Let's me be a fool for love.

A fool's tale is like so many you'd have heard.

What can make a genius lose a touch of intelligence? Drooling over glaring wrong?

A fool's veil.

A veil of foolishness from signal sent from the heart to the brain.

Causing the brain to become second to non-existent.

A fool's tale is a tale of love.

The power love holds over the mind.

Leading to foolish decisions you'd never catch yourself doing.

A fool's tale is a tale of heartbreak after a roll of foolishness in sake of love.

Everyone's got "A fool's tale".


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