[PDF] F - The Lovely Letters, #4 by Rea Marie

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F - The Lovely Letters, #4 pan Rea Marie


F - The Lovely Letters, #4

Rea Marie

Format: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2

ISBN: 9798223898474

Editeur: ALDIVAN Teixeira TORRES

Date de parution: 2023

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Cato was shocked when the Vampire Prince Avalon found his mate Prayer. He laughed as his fellow Alphas Sebastian and Leander tripped over themselves finding their mates Kassie and Xita. Cato had long since given up on having his mate, figuring she had either died long ago or possibly was not yet born. When an emergency call comes in telling him his enforcer Marcus was under attack, the group heads off to rescue him and round up the rebels.
Teleporting into the alley everyone had gone into action except Cato. He had been stopped in his tracks by the scent of the woman who was bent over in the engine of a car across the street. Without a doubt, Cato knew he had found his mate... Frosty Lancaster was working on getting a client's car back on the road when she noticed three women and a few men start an all-out street fight in the alley across the street.
There was one man, (too gorgeous for words) who had been standing aside not doing anything. She naturally assumed he was with the men fighting against the women or else he would have fought with them right? After knocking him on his ass, Frosty discovers he is actually very important to those women. Bowing out gracefully she returns to her job and attempts to put the handsome blonde giant out of her mind. Until the same women show up in her living room explaining that the man she had plastered to a wall, was a dragon shifter.
Not just any dragon shifter but an Alpha. The bombshell that she, Frosty Lancaster, was somehow that dragon's mate was not even the biggest she was about to receive. Frosty harbors secrets of her own though. With a newfound trust in Cato, their team uncovers truths that completely alter the course of their mission.

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