i call this bus love story part 1

Ayame2021/04/19 14:04

I was sitting at a bus stop. This is either a very clever or a very dumb opening for a book about walking. Hopefully, you’ll pick clever and keep reading. So let me explain. Cuba’s bus stops are havens of shade in an otherwise, hot and sunny country and these concrete boxes with benches served many purposes for me on my 64 day solo walk across the Caribbean’s largest island. They were places to sit where the otherwise omnipresent ants would not crawl up my shorts and bite me painfully on the inner thigh. I could prop my backpack up out of the dirt and dig around for a snack. I could stop and write in my journal or just watch the world go by. They were also great places to meet people and I had some fascinating conversations in these oases. Oh, and yes, on occasion a bus would come by. - Tip 10 to read more


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