How Rachel Lindsay “Completely Recharged” After Bryan Abasolo Breakup

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How Rachel Lindsay “Completely Recharged” After Bryan Abasolo Breakup

How Rachel Lindsay “Completely Recharged” After Bryan Abasolo Breakup

How Rachel Lindsay “Completely Recharged” After Bryan Abasolo Breakup

Rachel Lindsay revealed in an exclusive interview with E! News the ways she's prioritized self-care and healing this year following her breakup with Bryan Abasolo.

Rachel Lindsay is taking time to stop and smell the roses—and she isn't doing it alone.

The Bachelorette alum recently detailed the way her friends and family rallied around her following her breakup with estranged husband Bryan Abasolo in January.

"I don't have family out here in LA," Rachel told E! News' Francesca Amiker in an exclusive interview. "So my friends have said, 'Hey, come on this trip with me. Come over and let's just put on our PJs and chill out. Let's go on a night out on the town.' Those who just want to call me and let me vent to them when I'm going through something. Those friends have been amazing to me."

And because her family isn't nearby, she's made a concerted effort to see them more frequently.

"My family has come out to see me, I've gone to see my family," Rachel continued. "I feel completely recharged. It was really good to be around my family and happier times. Normally, I would also turn to work. And I'm not doing that. I'm just allowing people and experiences to heal me."

So with the people in her life showing up, the 39-year-old has also been able to discover a number of self-care activities that have been instrumental in her healing process.

In fact, with a new partnership with Clairol for their House Calls summer campaign, Rachel's season of change and self-care also extends to her hair.

"That is changing my hair color," Rachel added. "So I look and feel good as I'm stepping into the summer."

Yet even with all the new tools in her arsenal, Rachel continues to be grateful for her people amid the changes in her personal life.

"You know you have great people in your life," she began. "But when you're really going through something, and you see people rally around you, even when they don't have to go above and beyond. That just takes it to another level."

In January, Bryan—with whom Rachel tied the knot in 2019—filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. And in the months since, the attorney has made the effort to look inward.,66893255.html

"I've taken the time to really self-reflect and figure out what I need moving forward, what's good for me," she noted. "Yeah, that sounds a little selfish but also very necessary. And I think that's a part of self-care. I've been very honest with myself. I talk to myself a lot, which they say is a sign of genius and insanity. And then I figure out what it is on the outside that I want for myself too."

And for more on where your favorite Bachelor Nation couples are today, keep reading.

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