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The Wedding Menu by Letizia Lorini

  • The Wedding Menu

  • Letizia Lorini

  • Page: 484

  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2

  • ISBN: 9789198853308

  • Publisher: Letizia Lorini

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How many weddings does it take to fall in love? One year ago, Amelie had it all. Almost engaged to her high school sweetheart, close to her childhood best friend, and cooking at her dad's restaurant: her life was exactly what she'd ordered. Until Ian, an opinionated wedding-hater, popped up out of nowhere and proved she might like something off menu. *** One year later, Amelie has lost it all. She's unemployed, single, and taking a break from her friendship. As for Ian? He's gone too. When she visits Ian's hometown to teach at a week-long cooking conference, she hopes for a fateful meet-cute. But their reunion is far from joyful when Amelie discovers Ian is the son of her father's business rival. Even bigger fiasco? He only wants friendship. Amelie has one week to change his mind, and if the truth of why her whole life fell apart remains hidden, their love story might even end with a wedding. The Wedding Menu is a steamy, dual-timeline, laugh out loud romcom about weddings, secrets, and French delicacies. It features two friends who should be rivals but keep choosing each other against all odds.

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