A letter from the heart

ORA2023/10/07 14:52
A letter from the heart


Dear Lover,

To think just a few minutes ago,

I didn't have the strength to write to you, but thinking about you makes me want to write.....

Before we proceed, I want you to know that these are words I have always wanted to tell you.....

Come closer, what I am about to say is private... Shhhh

You know... I miss you so deeply that, every thought of you feels me with sweet emotions...

You know... I love it when you call my name... oh, what I would give to hear you whisper it

You should also know that, I love my life because a part of it...

You mold my hope and fashion me within,

Have I ever told you what fascinates me most about you? Well I would say..... Your eyes!

Your eyes fascinates me most about you, not only because they are beautiful,

But also because they tell me the type of emotion you are feeling....

The moment I came to realize you are always on my mind....

Was when I was going to meet you for the first time after a long while...

The thing about you that is making me head over heels in love with you....

Is the fact that, you are a funny and brave man, that man who walks with pride

And of the fact that, you make me laugh and smile by taking away all my anger and sadness,

And you make me want to look beautiful for you, the admiration in your eyes most times when you look at me is enough to drive me crazy,

You should see the eagerness in my eyes anytime I hear your voice from afar, though I don't show it most times...

Now my heart aches for you, an ache so overwhelming that... it makes me want any physical relation with you

But the thing is......

I can't feel you without wanting more,

I can't stay in the same space with you without wanting to touch you,

I can't watch you without feeling admiration, you must have seen that on my face...

I want to be able to run my fingers through your entire body, while feeling every hard ridge and hardness of it,

I want to taste the desires on your lips and kiss your Adam's apple whenever we are together,

You intoxicate me so much that, I always want to be together with you,

I always want to walk beside you, cause it gives me a feeling of pride, to be seen beside a personality like you.

Now I know you probably don't want to be together with me anymore but I always want you to know that,

I would always be here for you, through your struggles and your fears,

I would always consider you my best friend too, cause I have told lots of secrets,

You would always be the first agenda as well, if you need anybody to talk

And most importantly I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

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