How Long Should Counseling Last For The Best Outcome?

How Long Should Counseling Last For The Best Outcome?

Online counseling is a more safe and convenient way to get therapy and counseling services these days. With the spread of the Coronavirus, many people have chosen to either continue treatment or start new treatment with a licensed counselor, therapist, or social worker. Online counseling for free is a great way to get therapy for mental health issues like anxiety and depression, addiction problems, marriage issues, trauma, grief, and other conditions and symptoms.

Online counseling can be done via a regular telephone or using an application like Zoom or FaceTime. It has shown to be just as effective as an in-person visit with a licensed therapist, and it is a lot cheaper.

How Long Is Each Counseling Session?

Virtual counseling session can last different times depending on the need and severity of the individual case. For example, a 30-minute session may be enough time for someone with a mild condition or symptoms, while someone with a more severe case may need 45 minutes to an hour-long. The therapist will determine the length of each session at the start of treatment.

How Many Sessions Do You Need For The Best Outcome?

Counseling can occur weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for a certain number of sessions or ongoing. For instance, someone battling anxiety and depression, and denial addiction issues may need to continue doing treatment for an extended period that’s undetermined. You will meet the therapist during your first couple of counseling sessions, and a formal introduction will be made. The counselor will get to know you and the things you are struggling with. After that, a treatment plan can be made, and the length of treatment determined.

Counseling for cheating or therapy is individualized for each person. No two individuals will be the same when it comes to how long of sessions and how many are needed for it to be effective.

Is Online Counseling An Effective Form Of Treatment?

Online counseling is very effective and has shown to be just as good as a regular visit to a therapist’s office. The only downside is seeing and observing the person, who can be an important part of assessing and diagnosing the patient. Seeing a person’s appearance, body language, tone of voice, and demeanor can be an integral part of an assessment and give insight into the individual’s well-being.

Nevertheless, online lcsw counseling services still allows a person to develop a relationship with their counselor or therapist and get effective treatment. In 2018, a study found online cognitive behavioral therapy to be effective, acceptable, and practical health care. In addition, patients who received treatment online showed positive improvements sustained at their one-year follow-up visit.

Online Counseling or Therapy Services

Online counseling is a convenient and safe way to get counseling and therapy services without having to leave your home. My Therapist Delray Beach provides services from anxiety and depression counseling to couples therapygrief counseling, trauma, and addiction therapy with our licensed clinical social worker and experienced psychotherapist. Irving Schattner, LCSW, has over 25 years of experience and will be happy to work with you. It is time to schedule a session today and get started with treatment!

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