Fort Munro - History and Detail and Climate

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Fort Munro the beautiful place on the earth

Fort Munro - History and Detail and Climate

Carpeted on the mountain range of Koh-Suleman, Fort Munro is a lush untried hill station located in Dera Ghazi Khan. With its splendid eyeful and location, the fort is home to many tourists.

Tuman Leghari, Anari Mool, and Loilaresir are the names of Fort Munro in the Baloch language. The fort was originally ripened as a summer hill station by the British in the late 19th century. Located at the height of 1970 meters with trappy pine trees, mango trees, and jaw-dropping scenic eyeful Fort Munro is a trappy windfall of Pakistan.


There is a unenduring history associated with the fort. Formerly known as the Loilaresir formerly British ripened this area. In the late 19th century, Sir Robert Groves Sandeman founded a town tabbed ‘Fort Munro.’ The name was given without Major General Andrew Aldcorn Munro. He was the commissioner of both the Multan semester and the Derajat division.

On the top of the hill was established the Sandeman Lodge, a colonial residence, DCO house, and the commissioner house. There is moreover a Christian cemetery established near the DCO house.


The fort lies in the foothills of Koh-e-Suleman. You can reach the fort either from Multan Punjab or Lorelai Baluchistan. If you are traveling from Punjab, Koh-e-Suleman begins near Rakhni.

Fort Munro’s loftiness from Multan is well-nigh 174-179 km traveling by National highway 70. It takes well-nigh 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach the fort from Multan. The loftiness between Fort Munro from Dera Ghazi Khan is virtually 85 km.

Location Fort Munro

Fort Munro steel bridge

The fort Munro underpass will be the second biggest underpass worldwide. The steel underpass is carpeted over 33 km in the mountainous zone of national highway 70 to make the wangle to the fort convenient. Moreover, the old road connecting Rahim Yar khan to Dera Ghazi Khan has moreover been replaced by the CPEC road.

The Fort Munro steel underpass project has once installed 8 bridges whence from Rakhi Gaaj-Khar-Bewata. The steel underpass has not only widened the road but moreover made trek unscratched and allows unscratched transport to Gwadar. The first phase of the underpass has been completed.

Fort Munro steel bridge

This trappy hill station is situated at 6470 feet (1970 m). Its location in the clouds makes it the coldest and most pleasant region in DG Khan. The random snowfall makes it a increasingly interesting place to spend your summers. The stereotype rainfall recorded is 10.70 inches per annum.

The locals undeniability this place ‘Mini Murree.’ Tourists visit the place a lot for its scenic eyeful and historical significance for exploring southern Punjab and for adventures. Hiking, camping and trekking are some of the popular activities.

The government is moreover trying to preserve this ‘jewel’ of Pakistan. The new infrastructure projects have been initialized to make the wangle easy and provide other facilities. Development of chairlifts, subscription cars, and others are in progress to make the fort a top tourism spot. To maintain cleanliness, a cleanliness momentum was moreover initialized.

On the way to Fort Munro, many spots make your journey enjoyable. There is a natural lake present in the zone as well. The lake is moreover the source of potable water consumed by the locals. Do not forget to visit Munro lodge (Deputy Commissioner House), a regional court, Commissioner House, ruins of the warmed-over fort, and an old cemetery.

Fort Munro Tourism


Fort Munro weather is mostly cold, with frequent snowfalls and rainfall throughout. These features make the fort a popular hill station during summers. The fort Munro temperature remains cloudy and cold.

Fort Munro Weather

The vendible concludes with all the details you need to know well-nigh Fort Munro, Pakistan, its geography, location, and tourism spots.

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