Ogbole Daniel Edwin2023/09/18 22:05

When you don't have a good quality life people will not like to associate with you like that quality life is beyond been rich. If you are Rich and you don't reach out to people, your life is not making any impact, then you have to do so, our main goal as a human being is not to just eat and drink and feel happy alone. Everything you have in life is giving to you, for you to advance your impact as far as you havethe capacity. Impact people with character, material, advice etc.

There is no scale materials in anywere to measure quality of ones life, but the quality of your life depend on the following:

1. ACTION: action means behaving or acting,your action is one of the prove point of who you are. Fifty percent of your character is display through your action.

The clue of your life or the standard of your life is partially or halfly depends on your action. Anything that display from you is a part of your character wholly or partially therefore take care of your action.

2. CHARACTER: character is an action or methodology that has become part of you your attitude is a due to your attitude your behavior is your character anything that you do or can do all comes from your character in others words your mentality describe your destiny and your destiny is the success of your consistence character therefore the degree at which you want your Life to be or quality for then you must posses such mentality.

3. RESPONSIBILITY: if you can respond to any action, or challenges around you can also make your life spectacular, among your contemporary what make your life more value than the other is the ability and the strategies you use to overcome challenges this is One of the Clue to become legend in our generation,

Never run or be afraid of any challenges take the opportunity and do your best if you win, then your greatness start from there.

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