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Girl, a precious 💎 gem.

From birth, she has already started to feel like a princess, Daddy's little girl.

It's very absurd how the girl child becomes a peril as soon as she is born. To some, she becomes a 🌹 treasure, sunlight, etc while to others, she becomes a prey.

That precious gem's security is tampered with, and everyone around her becomes a suspect.

Just like a rose, the more she grows, the more she glows, unaware of the dangers around her.

As she grows, the parent prays that the purity that comes with her gender stays intact, still unaware of the expectations society has for her.

Once she is 7 years old, the mandate falls on her, especially in an African society.

She is now aware of the dangers around her, and the princess in her is snatched away with a snap of the fingers. The responsibility of chores and time factors falls on her like a scourge of the sun and burdens her with questions about herself.

At 10 and 11, the teenage life kicks in, and then she believes she is ready for what life has to offer while still in diaspora and unaware of what lies ahead.

At 15–17, the princess in her is killed and the decision she has always been in a haste to take humbles her, and it's more obvious to her that there was never a shortcut.

Now aware of what life, society, and family expect from her but in doubt of her ability to deliver.

Viewing love, education, relationships, careers, family, and destiny in the hands of fate.

What can I be?

Her every-day question. Now aware, awake and confused.

Written, Complied & Edited by CHRONICLES OF A TALE

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