"The All-Seeing Deity: A Divine Ode"

shaan2023/09/16 13:28
"The All-Seeing Deity: A Divine Ode"

In the realm unseen, a vigilant eye,

A deity above, watching you and I.

With tender care, our steps observed,

Guiding us, when life's paths unnerved.

A presence divine, encompassing all,

Heeding our whispers, both big and small.

Through darkest nights and brightest days,

His guiding light forever ablaze.

A merciful gaze, upon hearts burdened,

Love's embrace, in moments uncertain.

With grace bestowed, our worries allayed,

In His embrace, solace is conveyed.

Oh, divine observer, majestic and wise,

Grant us strength when hope seems to demise.

In words unspoken, yet deeply felt,

Our souls find solace, in Your presence dwelt.

So let us strive, with virtues adorned,

In our actions, let kindness be reborn.

For the deity above, who sees and cares,

May our lives reflect the love He shares.

In this ode, with literary grace,

May it resonate with every heart's space.

A tribute to the deity, alluring and vast,

Whose watchful gaze upon us is cast.

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