The poor grape seller boy(poem)

shaan2023/09/14 12:04
The poor grape seller boy(poem)

In the scorching heat, a boy stands tall,

Selling grapes, his dreams he recalls.

A humble soul, with calloused hands,

He weaves his way through life's vast lands.

Each grape he holds, a story untold,

Of resilience and hope, so bold.

With every cluster, he shares a taste,

Of perseverance and strength embraced.

Beneath the sun, his spirit shines bright,

A symbol of courage in the harshest plight.

Through dust and toil, he perseveres,

A silent poet amid life's tears.

In his presence, a lesson we find,

That even in struggle, beauty can bind.

For from the seeds of hardship sown,

The sweetest fruits of resilience are grown.

So let us remember this boy so dear,

Whose presence by the roadside is clear.

In his journey, a reminder we see,

That strength and grace can set us free.

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