A soul that helps another soul.

MICHAEL GREAT2023/09/05 16:53
A soul that helps another soul.

Sometimes in life it's a soul that gives hope and joy to another.

For we to succeed in life we actually need to start from somewhere either passing through mentorship by those more learned or more experienced than we do, also we can excel through life experience and finally through financial support.

One need to stand on the shoulder of a giant to overcome and be victorious.

I am passionate about writing books, articles for publishing that will be of great benefits to humanity but I don't have the tools to make my dreams stand out, I also love to help the poor around me but no finance,I need laptop and many other electronics and other needs to succeed, just using phone to do the little I could.

Please support me with Bitcoin to execute all my skills, please show me love brothers, sister, mother, father, your one or two bitcoin would do a tremendous work in my life and also to those around me, thank you all in anticipation 🙏🙏.

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