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Wild FFM Threesomes - Menage a trois, #2 pan Lee Riley


  • Wild FFM Threesomes - Menage a trois, #2

  • Lee Riley

  • Format: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2

  • ISBN: 9798223453710

  • Editeur: ALDIVAN Teixeira TORRES

  • Date de parution: 2023

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Wild FFM threesome action! Erotic stories full of lust with orgasm guarantee. For adults only! Stories included: Wild Threesome at the Doctor'sDr. Clare Miller is a famous specialist in all sexual health issues. Attractive Miranda, her assistant and nurse, supports her in her work. When one day Lawrence comes to the practice with a "problem" and needs help, it quickly becomes clear that the two must do their best to provide quick relief.. Wild Threesome in the Emergency RoomOliver arrives at the hospital and makes his way to the nurse's office, nervous about what could happen and why his 'problem' is so severe.
He patiently sits in the waiting room for his name to be called. After a short while, Melinda, a beautiful nurse, pokes her head around the door and calls for him. He follows her into the office, taking a seat in front of her and explains why he's here. He gestures to a large bulge in his jeans, and explains that it's been there for about a week straight. The nurse blushes a little and explains to him that there is a special kind of 'treatment' for this, and that she will require the help of another nurse. Wild Threesome in the GymMichelle, an incredibly attractive woman, loves to work out hard at the gym.
She loves to wear her yoga pants because her ass is shown off so well in them. After an intense workout she takes a shower. She can't help but admire the pretty blonde who is also showering. As the two get closer and their passion ignites, there is no stopping them, especially when Mike, one of the personal trainers joins them. And the "training" that follows is fast and hard in a really different way. TAKE NOTE: This short read contains descriptions of hot, graphic, sexual situations and is intended for mature 18+ audiences.
The stories contain threesome sex (Menage a troi) between two women and one man. All characters are of age and the sex is consensual.

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