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First Comes Death. Avrah C. Baren

ISBN: 9798990054608 | 352 pages | 9 Mb

  • First Comes Death

  • Avrah C. Baren

  • Page: 352

  • Format: pdf, ePub, fb2, mobi

  • ISBN: 9798990054608

  • Publisher: Chaos Monster Publishing LLC

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A power for every death... When a black hole anomaly rewrites the rules of life and death, Dina resurrects from a fatal crash into the Chesapeake with an uncontrollable tie to water. Trapped in a cycle of vanishing and reappearing across the world at the water's whim, all Dina wants is to rid herself of this connection and have control of her life again. But with every new resurfacing, it becomes clear she has a worse crisis on her hands: she's being followed by a monster. Drowning may not be a natural cause of death, but neither is murder. And when Ivy resurrects with the ability to produce bone daggers from her own body, she's hungry for revenge. But between her distrust of her new, supposed allies, puzzling encounters with a woman with powers of her own, and the soul devouring creature on their tail, attaining vengeance is looking a lot more difficult than dying in the first place. As Dina and Ivy's inexplicable bond pulls them together time and again, they find something neither expected in their afterlife: someone worth living for. But they'll have to find a way to annihilate the monster at their heels before time runs out on their second lives. Because without another anomaly to bring them back, this time death will have its due.

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