Do I Care? Yes I Do!

Drich The Poet2023/07/10 17:25

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Do I Care? Yes I Do!

I'm broken within and I'm fiddling to put up the statue of a man.

You see my absence and you never demand an usher.

To check a roll call.

Did we just fight? Or did you just claim right?

I have no one to call

That's why I have always tried to go easy on myself

But if it seems that the path I took, took a toll on you.

My bad. I'm sorry.

Intentions of hurt were never part of the bargain.

All the way I had to sacrifice time that I should be here,

In accumulating the geek of Pharaoh

I said I don't want to be looked down upon

That's why I chose to remain silent and on a steady move.

Tell me what to do to fix these callus ventures I embarked on.

The tales they told me about becoming

A man was too good to be left unpracticed and undented

Though art know I care about thee

Temptious times may come

But still will choose you

A lot is passing through me

Confused me is passing through a lot

I don't need to be queried why

Alone and trembling on my bed of sleepless nights.

I still crave this union to be strong and not brittle.

I'm still here for you.

If ever you want someone to lean on You k

now where you would find me.

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