New Month

De Johnson2023/06/30 23:16
New Month

July, oh July, a month so bright and fair,

With sun-kissed days and gentle summer air.

The world is lush, with greens and blues abounding,

And every sight and sound is so astounding.

The birds sing sweetly, in the trees and skies,

Their melodies a joy to all our eyes.

The flowers bloom, in fields and gardens too,

Their vibrant hues a feast for me and you.

The warm sun shines, with all its radiant might,

And fills our hearts with pure and endless light.

The days are long, and full of endless fun,

With picnics, hikes, and lazy time in the sun.

July, oh July, a month so full of grace,

With nature's beauty shining in each place.

Let's savor every moment, every day,

And let our hearts and souls just freely play.

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