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Fake relationship

Kaku dev2023/05/24 19:35

Fake people will remain the same forever

Fake relationship

In a world where facades deceive, Where masks of falsehood we tightly weave, There exists a realm of empty ties, Where fake relationships wear their disguise.

Beneath the surface of laughter and cheer, Lies a web of deceit, crystal clear. Like shadows dancing in twilight's gleam, These fragile alliances exist in a dream.

At first, they bloom with fleeting delight, Words and promises shining so bright. But with time, the cracks begin to appear, Unveiling the truth, oh, so severe.

Fake smiles painted with careful art, Hide the hollowness tearing hearts apart. Words, like whispers carried by the breeze, Lack the depth, like a shallow seas.

A handshake, a hug, a hollow embrace, Empty gestures, devoid of grace. For in this world of counterfeit bliss, The genuine bond is what they miss.

Yet, they persist in their masquerade, Content with the charade they've made. Fuelled by ego and selfish desire, They dance on the embers of a dying fire.

But deep within their souls, they yearn, For something genuine, for hearts to discern, That true connection, both real and profound, Where trust and love are eternally bound.

For in a world of fake relationships' plight, A genuine soul seeks its counterpart's light. So let us shed the masks we wear, And embrace authenticity, if we dare.

For true relationships, though rare and few, Are gems that sparkle with love anew. Let us cherish what's real, what's pure, And build connections that will endure.

In this realm of facades, let us be true, To ourselves and others, in all we do. For fake relationships may fade and fall, But authenticity stands tall.


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