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Joel Komunda2023/05/21 06:36

Read UpTo the end

Degradation awareness. In shadows cast upon a dying land, a haunting tale, let my words expand off a world once vibrant, now stained and scarred, where echoes of destruction hit us hard.

Beneath a somber sky, cries go unheard,

As nature weeps, her voice ignored.

The rivers weep with waters soiled,

By human hands, the essence spoiled.

Mountains crumble, their peaks eroded,

As greed prevails, their beauty corroded.

The once lush forests, a mere memory,

Lost to flames of ignorance and apathy.

The air we breathe, once pure and sweet,

Now thick with toxins, a toxic deceit.

The skies bear witness to factories' plumes,

A dance of pollution, a world in fumes.

Creatures’ majestic, fading from view,

Their habitats plundered, their lives askew.

From majestic whales to delicate birds,

Their existence threatened, their cries unheard.

Beneath the waves, the coral reefs sigh,

Bleached and lifeless, they wither and die.

The delicate balance, disrupted by man,

Leaving barren oceans, a desolate span.

Oh, heed the warning, the Earth's lament,

For her cries grow louder, her patience spent.

Environmental degradation, a solemn plea,

To open our eyes, to set her free.

Let's mend the wounds we've caused so deep,

Embrace compassion, let conscience seep.

With mindful steps, let's reclaim the Earth,

Preserving her beauty, celebrating her worth.

For in her embrace, we find our home,

A sanctuary where life's treasures roam.

Let's rise as guardians, strong and wise,

To heal the wounds, where hope yet lies.

In this poem's verse, a wake-up call to halt the destruction, stand tall for the dangers of degradation loom, but together we can reverse this gloom. Let's sow the seeds of change and care for a future where nature's splendor we share. Embrace the urgency, let action be our guide to protect the Earth with love beside.


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