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Making a budget solar inverter for Home:

Sunlife Solar2023/05/19 16:37
Making a budget solar inverter for Home:

Making a budget solar inverter for Home:


We are often asked by Clients: " Is it possible to make a budgetary solar power plant for a home based on a conventional uninterruptible power supply ?". Our specialist will answer this question.


Yes, this is indeed possible to implement, but there is a small nuance - not all uninterruptible power supplies are suitable for this. We will discuss the selection of a suitable uninterruptible power supply for this purpose below.


What uninterruptible power supply can be used to work with solar panels?

To work effectively with solar panels, it is necessary to use special solar inverters, the functionality of which allows the connection of solar panels - they are equipped with battery charge controllers and they can select the priority of work - from an external network or solar panels.


But when the budget does not allow the use of such an option, it is necessary to find a more budgetary solution, and it is, one has only to take into account that its efficiency will be lower.


Several uninterruptible power supplies have a built-in charger - a multi-stage automatic one, the functionality of which allows you to adjust the charging current depending on the degree of battery charge. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to use solar panels with such uninterruptible power supplies, what type of charger is installed can be found in the instructions for the device.

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Schematic diagram of work

For the full functionality of such a scheme, it is necessary to use the following system:


·         UPS with automatic charger.

·         battery charge controller.

·         rechargeable batteries.

·         solar panels.

In normal mode → the uninterruptible power supply charges the batteries from the external network, at the moment → when the solar panels start generating current, it flows to the batteries through the charge controller → the built-in charger of the uninterruptible power supply goes into passive operation mode → the batteries are charged from solar panels.


At the moment when the solar panels for the house stop generating energy (the Sun has set or found a cloud), the charger starts charging the batteries again from the external network.


The main task remains only to use solar energy efficiently, but we will talk about this in the next article.


For such a solution, these uninterruptible power supplies are perfect:

UPS  series FORT FX  - with a built-in three-stage automatic charger, with powers from 1-6kW.

Fort XT series uninterruptible power supplies   - a line of hybrid uninterruptible power supplies with a built-in three-stage automatic charger and the ability to select operation priority (from the mains or batteries), with powers from 1-6kW.

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