Silent longing

Floxypoem2023/05/19 08:34

a love peom of a girl who cannot express her feeling to the guy she loves

Silent longing

She sits and watches from afar,

Her heart overflowing like a jar.

Her eyes follow him wherever he goes,

But her lips remain shut, and no one knows.

She longs to tell him how she feels,

To let him know her heart is real.

But fear and doubt hold her back,

Leaving her love in a constant lack.

She dreams of moments they could share,

Of laughter, love, and gentle care.

But in her mind, it's only a fantasy,

For she cannot confess her love, you see.

Her heart aches with each passing day,

As she hides her feelings, so afraid to say.

She wonders if he feels the same,

Or if her love is all in vain.

But even if she never speaks her heart,

Her love for him will never depart.

For in her soul, his love will remain,

A constant flame that will never wane.

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