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Right or Wrong

__O.B KWASI2023/05/15 16:52

It's a fight for excellence
Two sides observed protocols
Filled hearts pushing to establishments
Rightly to a desired end.

Spirit sets out prototypes
Rolling and manifesting self
Mentally fierced to set out an agenda
No, this is the right.

To you, I am wrong; claimed
My right exposes your wrong
Your wrong sets out the right
Who must be blamed ?.

A world without wrong or right is void
Aside our differences, we can't be known ?
A beautiful right self, in an ugly wrong mirror
You are, because I am.

Where have your good deeds been ?
In your low times, I held you down
Louding and counting blessings of right
Hmm, a world without wrong.

Best to communicate when present
Convincingly on facts and outcomes
Listeners pass on judgements: rightly
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah and yeah
Absence made the right, the wrong.

In a law court of right and wrong
There is a balance
Wrong sets as wrong, right sets as right
Ye are judges
Right! right !, wrong! wrong!.


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