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Guiding Angel

De Johnson2023/05/13 11:00
Guiding Angel

Oh guiding angel, blessed be,

The light that shines so bright in thee,

With wings unfurled and heart so pure,

You lead us to a path so sure.

Through darkest nights and raging storms,

You keep us safe, so we transform,

Our fears and doubts, our pain and grief,

Into a strength that brings relief.

You whisper softly in our ear,

And wipe away each falling tear,

You lift us up when we are down,

And turn our frowns into a crown.

With every step we take in life,

You guide us through both joy and strife,

And when we stumble or we fall,

You pick us up and stand us tall.

Oh guiding angel, heaven-sent,

We thank you for your love so meant,

To light the way and be our guide,

And take us to the other side.

So let us trust in you each day,

And let your love light up our way,

For in your care, we are secure,

And blessed with peace that will endure.


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