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De Johnson2023/05/13 10:52

With sword in hand and heart afire,

The conqueror sets out to win,

To build an empire, reach higher,

And prove that he's a force within.

He marches on with steadfast might,

Through deserts, mountains, raging seas,

His will unbroken, shining bright,

He sets his sights on victory.

He battles foes with skill and grace,

And never once does he retreat,

For he is driven by the chase,

Of glory and of triumph sweet.

He claims new lands with every step,

And builds a legacy so grand,

His name a legend, hard to forget,

A symbol of power across the land.

Yet in the end, when all is done,

And foes are vanquished, battles won,

The conqueror looks back and sees,

The cost of victory, and it grieves.

For in his quest to conquer all,

He's lost much more than he has gained,

And in his heart, he feels the call,

To find a new path, less constrained.

So let us learn from conquerors past,

And walk the path of peace and love,

For true conquest is built to last,

On foundations strong and built above.


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