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Who am I

Sabawo2023/05/10 11:54

Who am I ?

Then hiding their identity

So am I

Claiming that it's the new reality

Nobody being whom they really are

But will this get us far?

Being blown by the calm winds like a cat's fur

Who should I be?

Should I be like them

Acting all the same

Copying what they say

Maybe I should go astray

But I know that change is underway

Will the outcome be bad or great

I ask myself anyway

With no answer at bay

There's always another way

The one which is free and no pay

Just kneeling down and pray

Asking the almighty to display

How you should b everyday

Does what I wanna be exist?

In this world full of critics

Say I can't be me, I can't be this

Not letting me try atleast

I can show them am the beast

Capability exists

Something that never exists

The fate of the new future about to begin

Something worth to take in

I try to show them

But they don't let me


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