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The Source Of My Income Not My Wife's Business -Lawyer Ampaw

Afriyie Kwaku Boachie2023/05/07 10:11
The Source Of My Income Not My Wife's Business -Lawyer Ampaw

Legal practioner and human right Advocate in the person of Lawyer Maurice Ampaw is among Ghana's influencial public figures who will never cease to amaze with crops of controversial matters packed in his every day messages on Marriage and other legal matters.

Notwithstanding how Ghanaians tag him as being a controversially controversial person as evidently known in his lectures, programmes and TV shows he remains unperturbed and this time around Lawyer Ampaw has dropped a mouthwatering comment on Marriage that will intrigue you today in Sunyani.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has put on record today at Sunyani during his free legal education at Elim City of which he shockingly asserted that his source of income shouldn't be a concern to his wife despite being marriage couple. To Lawyer Ampaw, it isn't advisable to discloses your source of income to your wife because once they come to realize it, the demand and the appetite to crave for much money and material things from the husband will be on the increase which will not be the best.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw left his audience in a state of confusion but perhaps it could be true and would serve other husbands right whereas certain women or wives may not welcome such matter. Whiles others see it to be wrong, Lawyer Ampaw has stated it and this matter shouldn't be a surprise thing.

His legal team member who had been his childhood friend from the University of Ghana Law School Lawyer Antwi Agyei, Dr Gospel Odame Kentoe came out with varied opinions during the legal education,making it one of the colourful event and a remarkable programme.

To Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, ladies are unpredictable and their needs are never met.

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