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Flexor2023/05/06 13:34

Money is important aspect of life but money is not actually our property. 90-80% people think money is everything which is not a fact. Money can only fulfill our current needs but can't stay with us for long.


Welcome to my article. Flexor this side warmly welcome you. Today i'm here with a very important topic. I assure this topic would cover most part of your life. Most people are unable to tackle money in their life and even more than half are unaware of real role and status of money in human life.

This article would cover up most of questions of your mind about money.

Here I ask you a question what is money and its role? I know the answer of most of the readers!!

As i ask this question most of the people sounds same. People would say money is everything , with money one can do anything he wants to do , money is basic need of life , money is gate way of survival in this world and much more. NO DOUBT!!!!

As many people only know ""what money is!!"" but people actually don't know what role money play in our lives. If we deeply observe our economical phase of life we can understand its role. Money is nothing but temporary. I am sure no one could say here that I have saved a sum and never used it for years and never will. Money circulate, never stick to one's hands.

Actually money is not any one's property. I WOULD SAY money is not fair to man so shouldn't man. But here is reverse.

I would add here a real incident of my life. Here's my neighbour an 87 years old man passed away last year. He was a hard working old bachelor and have no son nor daughter. His monthly income might be around half million rupee. He could have saved his money but he don't. He used to charity a lot. He would often said me "keep only the money which you need at a time to fulfill your current desires and when you need - it would be automatically circulated to your hands"

If we take a look to our lives we can clearly see we do a lot of efforts to save money which we don't know is not fair to us. At the end of our life even money can't save our life "dearest thing to us " so why should we run after saving money. We should earn money enough to lead life happily and don't spoil our life running after money.

If I ask you here what you people do with money? I know most of people would comment we run after saving money and spoiled a big part of their life in doing this useless activity and missed a big charm in their life. So friends make money!! but only according to your current needs and start enjoying every moment of your life. Stay happy stay healthy. I hope you would now have understood actual purpose of money is to only fulfill your current needs not your's future.


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