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Flexor2023/05/05 20:24

Being illogical is not an inferiority but being illogical is human psychology.This is quite reflexive in man. One should not be guilty of illogical rather man should be glad of being the most illogical and edgy.


Hi this is your host Flexor I am here with you to write something for you lets begin with a question. What do you do? I know after having a glance over my this illogical looking question most of people wonder what kind of question this must be but i will prove this question a logical one and you would be surprized i bet. As i asked i am sure 90 % of people started thinking of their jobs business or whatever they do. No doubt this is quite a natural reflex we can even say it human psychology. Creator of this universe must have designed human brain in such a way that it starts thinking of illogical things that do not have any existance. Man often do illogical things and that's quite reflexive imagine what i'm doing right now i'm writing an article and quite ridiculus and illogical i'm listening music. Sounds unreal but that's fact. According to my point of view this is the biggest quality of mankind that man often think illogical and that's the art of creator. It's also fact other animals do more logical thing than a man do and i am sure this is the reason of their backwardness. In short illogical activities of man made him master specie of universe. For instance let me tell you a story : if there are two living creatures and one creature do wrong to first , beat him , take a lot of work from him and in response do not even take care of him. Now if i ask you which creature is most illogical most of you answer the one who is cruel. Yes i am talking about a man and a donkey and here man do more illogical than do donkey. In addition donkey even work for man for his betterment but man is such illogical that he cannot understand importance of donkey for his work. This illogical nature of man made him rule this world. Also you can see among humans- scientists and scholars are more logical than politicians but politicians being more illogical rule them. This is quite undigestable but a ground reality. Perhaps that's the rule of universe set by the creator. What do you people think !!!!

Now different people may have different openions over my this article but all openions must not be logical as" logic is only one if more than one is not logic" so what ! You must conclude if you are most illogical you are the best and stop trying to enroll yourself among the logical ones as only illogical can be the ruler.

Now coming to the conclusion i've asked a question at the start. Now that you people must have understood why i have asked illogical question. Don't ever you worry if you reason illogical . You should be glad if you think illogical. Always remember there is zero demand of plain,logical ideas in market. Market needs illogical and lavish ideas so be illogical and don't try to change human nature of being illogical.


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