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Werewolf and the moon Part~1

Nameless2023/05/04 17:08
Werewolf and the moon Part~1

Let's begin it from once upon a time,

There was a world of spirits, full of mythical creature, plants and beings. The queen of that world was named Athena a gorgeous and kind and she is a queen so most powerful. In this realm women have more power than men. She had a daughter names Kaely who was next queen and will inheritance power and post of her mother Athena on her next birthday. In that world there was a boy named Rae and Caster. Caster was the son of one powerful ruler under queen and Rae was the son of maid.

Kaely Rae and Caster were friends.

There is not any casteism or racism as it is spirit world. These three knowns as best friend in whole world. Rae and Kaely fall in love. It was not because of growth in hormones or any affection. It was love they had in them. Kaely became need of Rae and vice versa but Caster was unaware of their bond which grew from friendship to love.

After some time, it was a moment when new queen had to take her position and the person who will marry the queen will become next king and will also inheritance power of past king and queen. This power, position and knowledge is pass through king to king and queen to queen. Caster wanted to become king and got hunger of power and knowledge, so he planned to marry Kaely not knowing she is in love with Rae and Rae love her same.

It was some months before announcing Kaely new queen and by rituals giving her power and knowledge of elders. Cater tried to get to close Kaely but he never gets accepted, or she ignored him as she loves Rae. Caster got to know about Kaely and Rae relation and got new feelings of hatred against Rae as he became obstacle in his path to become mighty. Cater tried to destroy bond between Rae and Kaely but it was unbreakable as they really loved each other deeply. Slowly slowly that hatred became anger, and he became an evil spirit.

(Well for all your knowledge let me tell you spirits can't be dead so there is no chance to kill him)

He planned many tricks to make them separate but none of them worked. After some day it was birthday of Kaely. So, Caster thought of plan. Rae is innocent and kind. Caster thought to use it to make them separate forever. Caster told Rae to go to human realm(earth) and find some beautiful flowers such as rose which symbols love and happiness. In spirit realm there are not much variety of flowers then earth. (In this story earth is not same as this century, it's very old time when earth is more beautiful than imagine). Rae wanted to gather flower for Kaely not 1 or 2 or 3 more and with different variety but he don't know the path and process and compensation of moving from one realm to another as this knowledge is given to higher spirits or spirits with more power. As caster from noble family, he knew so he told him how he can go to earth not to help him to get flowers but for another evil motive. He told him that spirits can't roam on earth without body so he will prepare a body for him so that he can go to earth. Rae not knowing Caster want to marry Kaely and wanted power, he believed Caster and adapted the body given by him and then by some chants and spells Caster transported Rae to earth.

When Rae transported to earth, he ran here and their searching for the flowers to gift her believed Kaely. He gathered variety of flower in variety of colors. He imagines how happy will she be when she sees these beautiful flowers and colors and feel the fragrance. Rae gone happy and was just imagining her smile. After some time, he gathered many flowers now he wanted to come back to him realm. Well Rae is innocent and kind but not idiot. He knew to move back to spirit realm he have to die. So, he climbs a huge mountain with flowers and jump from it.... he falls down and gone unconscious then woke up but didn't die...he thought mountain is small so then he climbs higher mountain and then jump and gone unconscious and still didn't die. Then he thought to burn himself still didn't die. Then he poisons himself. he gone through everything to did but he didn't die as the body he was in was immortal. Its a body of not a human not an animal. It was human and animal mixed body. he was a werewolf. a human and wolf with immortality. He tried more and more to move back to spirit realm by dying but nothing happened and slowly he understands that he got tricked by Caster, He understood everything then he cried but that cry was a howl, a heartful deadfall hateful emotional howl, powerful enough to shake and make every being near him in kilometers frightened to death.

Meanwhile in spirit realm it was Kaely birthday, she waited for Rae not knowing Casters trick. Caster told Kaely that he ran away with responsibility as Kaely going to become a queen and as her lover Rae will marry Kaely and become king.

Caster tricked her and made her believe that he ran away. She cried but can't show her tear as it's her birthday and going to become a queen. She is brave and understand of becoming next queen is importance as her mother can't become no longer queen as after some time power and knowledge can't be in one person. Kaely cried in herself not showing any tear after getting wished of her birthday now it was moment to become next queen and had to marry someone. and Rae was not there, so she marries Caster. After marriage it is time of getting them under rituals to get their elders power, knowledge and blessing. They received blessing and power. But when it was time for getting knowledge, the knowledge contains everything which happened in spirit realm which happened before life and after death. She inheritance the knowledge and she saw, how caster tricked Rae, how Rae imagined making Kaely smiled, how much Rae tried to come back to her and how he cried...how he howled. Kaely gone angry she fought Caster and jailed him. Then she tried chants and spells to go to earth realm, but she can't, as she is queen of spirits and can't leave spirit realm, she can't pass the boundary between both realms. She used all her powers all her efforts to break the bond, in end she tried to destroy herself completely by using all her power including her spirit body she tried to break boundary and she get success and shout Rae...Rae.. she hadn't entered earth realm she can see earths she was 400000 KM away from earth and can't move , she gone stuck between earth and spirit realm, she was slowly losing her control and becoming a stone but still she shouted Rae, Rae on earth heard her voice he gone crazy he ran from one place to another and look above he saw Kaely (the immortal body Rae got is not just immortal its more magical and mythical) very far away on outer space, Rae can't speak or say so he howled very loudly Kaely got to see him as she is a powerful being but she loosing herself and slowly in pain of becoming a stone she shouted... Rae I love you. and it was her last word and all her spiritual power and body become stone very huge stone which known as moon and so that's why werewolf howl whenever they see a moon and on full moon, they overreact and gone crazy.

Rae always runs where moon gone (rotate around earth) and he always howl so that his voice reaches her, but it was end for them, as now she lost herself and become a moon and can may never become any being and whereas Rae can never die or can never make herself to forget Kaely.


Caster is prisoned on spirit realm meanwhile Kaely become moon and roam around earth and whereas Rae become an immortal being.

Well, it's not the end of the story it's just part.


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