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"Every tear drops like a pearl when we weep, but when we break apart, no pearl can be glued back together. Instead, we must find a new pearl. When the necklace of hope falls down, we must find a stronger thread to keep it intact. Hope is the only glue that can mend a broken heart, but when it vanishes, we must find a new source of hope."


What is loneliness?

Is it when you have no one

or when you have all but feel non?

Why do we feel that way?

Is it sympathy that lacks

or sympathy that we get?

Darkness on a bright day

or the darkness in one's heart.

We do not know

or just cause we know everything.

Endless regrets, endless heartbreaks,

Endless roads where one goes;

never had once thought about it.

Drowning in the waters of hopelessness.

Wishing for the hand that helps out.

But there is non…

Only you are there in that ocean...

The ocean where you have been swimming for your whole life.

Everything you get is your choice.

Don’t you think somebody will take you out...

It is just you...

Either drown

or swim deeper;

for the joy and pleasure, you have been waiting for

It's what you choose

To be the one for yourself to get you out.

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