Title: Reflection of Me

EMMY2023/04/29 00:33

Summary: "Reflection of Me" is a poem that dives deep into the concept of self-reflection and introspection. It highlights the significance of looking within oneself and understanding our perception of the world around us. The poem discusses how the mirror serves as a gateway to self-awareness and helps us discover our true identity.

Title: Reflection of Me

I stood in front of the mirror,

With a curious gaze,

Questioning what I saw,

As thousands of thoughts in my mind raced.

The reflection in the mirror,

Stared right back at me,

A thousand questions in my mind,

On what my identity could be.

The mirror stood there still,

A silent spectator to my thoughts,

Making me ponder on my life,

As time played its subtle plots.

I looked beyond the mirror,

And gazed upon the world,

Wondering how it all fits together,

As life's stories begin to unfurl.

And as I turned back to the mirror,

I saw the reflection of me,

Opening up to self-awareness,

As I discovered my true identity.

The reflection in the mirror,

Is more than just what we see,

It's a tool for self-reflection,

The gateway to who we could be.

So take a moment with the mirror,

And look deep into your soul,

For in doing so, you'll discover,

The power of self-control.

In the reflection of the mirror,

Lies an opportunity,

To understand ourselves better,

And embrace our truest identity.

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