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Midsummer Rain

Prinsipessa2023/04/28 06:13

It was in the middle of April,

I was writing a new chapter

of the story between you and me,

of how we met and how our ship sail

It started with "We were just friends"

as I continue writing

I reminisced the moments

Ha! How I wish this never ends

Suddenly I heard a whooshing by the lane

I stopped writing and listened

I thought it was nothing

but it was surprisingly a pouring rain

It was in the middle of summer

How come there is rain?

Is it a sign?

or just a mere change of weather?

Thoughts of me and you

started filling my mind

My heart started beating fast

as if it's one with the rain too

I was brought back to the past

Everything was just perfect

Moments with you were never blue

How will I be able to finish writing about us?

I could think of all the times we had

Is it bad that I couldn't write it down?

because all I could think of was you

and it's driving me mad

This is just insane

Everything I thought of was gone

I couldn't even write my name

Just because of the midsummer rain


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