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Glow2023/04/27 22:59

Joking with the idea of luck and how no one is never a 100percent lucky,but always gets a little bad with the good


Bets are off

Time and chance.

Ludos dice. I've got a 2:3 going for me,like an Asian hand.

I'll recap,the odds are in my favor.

Coming up rose thorns too.

There's no clouds without rain the headliner said.

Eyes a hollow,bags puffed, lack of sleep,cause I'm too gay to close my eyes.

A train track is passing through here,it's lines have fallen. They're pleasant places.

Pickled butt cheeks and razor sharp teeth.

A sweet mouths been given to me and money for a life time of candy. Teeth fall out I lose my smileys.

So I'll eat only peachy

fruits. Get me up on fibre charges. Fabricated accusations,mess up my indigestion.



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