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Eicher 485 Tractor Price, Specification, and Price | Khetigaadi -2023

Rohan3212023/04/27 11:24
Eicher 485 Tractor Price, Specification, and Price | Khetigaadi -2023

About Eicher 485

The Eicher 485  is the most powerful series on the Eicher tractor. Buying this tractor model is definitely a smart decision for Indian farmers. The Eicher 485 tractor's efficiency can add significant value to your farms and provide significant profits. The well-known 485 tractor is a good choice for your next tractor. Check out the details below to understand everything there is to know about the Eicher 485 before buying any tractor. Eicher 485 price in 2023 may be Khetigaadi.com

The Eicher 485 is a tractor that is completely dependable and trustworthy. Here, we give you information on the tractor that will clear up any doubts you may have regarding the Eicher 485 tractor's features. Learn everything there is to know about the 485 Eicher HP, 485 Eicher price, and the 485 Eicher power steering side. Whether it is equipped with a single or dual-clutch, the Eicher 485 tractor performs well. For producing orchard crops such as mango, orange, grapes, etc., Eicher 485 is efficient. This tractor has a 2-wheel drive and is extremely productive.

The best tractor for agricultural and industrial use is this one. Let's explain how.

The dry-type single or dual-clutch on the Eicher 485 tractor allows for easy and smooth driving.

The tractor either has standard dry disc brakes or optional oil-immersed brakes, which offer higher field grip and less slipping.

Easy control and better performance are provided either by the Eicher 485 power steering side gear or by the rear differential. In the Eicher category, the 485 Eicher is very well-liked.

In addition to these features, this tractor model has a 48-liter fuel tank and a lifting capacity of 1200–1850 kg.

Farmers can survive all unfavorable weather, climate, and soil conditions with this tractor. It will be your ideal choice if you want a durable tractor at an affordable price.

Eicher 485 Tractor price

In India, the Eicher 485 tractor is offered priced at approximately Rs.7 and Rs. 7.6 lakh. A tractor with 45 HP and a low cost is the Eicher 485 HP. On our website, you can learn about the tractor price. The price of an Eicher 485 tractor is more reasonable for Indian farmers. For marginal and small farmers, the price range of this tractor is not a significant issue, and they may easily purchase a new Eicher 485 tractor in their designated budget

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