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Prayers Help Your Mental Health

Church.org2023/04/27 07:40

With prayers from the prayer request online, one also benefits significantly from the emotional side of their life. Prayers have the power to make people find a greater purpose in life.

Prayers Help Your Mental Health

Many researchers have found the positive effects of prayers and spirituality on the individual's mental health. Many studies have supported the links between religious spirituality and trauma. Many people with mental health issues like trauma, PTSD or depression find refuge in religion and prayers. Through a prayer request, they can find some peace and resilience to go forward.

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 The Science of Prayer and Mental Health

As we know that "serotonin" is the "happy hormone". It is the neurotransmitter that helps to relay the signals in the brain. Serotonin also impacts mood and affects the overall sense of well-being.

According to experts, the prayers we say directly impact the brain's serotonin synthesis. The chemical plays a role in distressing the person and uplifting the person's mood. Reciting prayers replenishes the serotonin synthesis of the individual.

Prayers are a Safe Haven from Trauma

A lot of people seek refuge from their traumas through prayer. The prayer helps them to calm their nerves and find peace and closure. Prayers are a vital way to help people cope with their trauma. It helps them deal with it better without affecting their daily activities.

For many survivors of trauma, prayer is a haven. They feel protected and shielded from the pain and from reliving the trauma through prayers.

Healthy Lifestyle

While prayers do not directly affect a person's health, they contribute in some ways. Apart from a healthy diet and regular exercise, they boost their mental health when one dedicates a particular time to prayers. The prayers act as a booster to the healthy lifestyle they are leading.

Emotionally Sound Existence

With prayers from the prayer request online, one also benefits significantly from the emotional side of their life. Prayers have the power to make people find a greater purpose in life. It allows them to develop better coping skills and improved emotional health.

Prayers and faith reduce the risk of negativity and depression; it makes a person more optimistic and increases their compassion. Through prayers, a person learns how to forgive and express gratitude. The increased gratitude, compassion and kindness in the individual also help them lead an improved and better life.

Prayers for All

While prayers seem like the logical answer to religious people's difficulties and challenging times, they might seem futile for others who are not religious. For such people, their belief is not the ultimate. If they take the time to see and pray, they will understand how fruitful praying is for their life.

The prayers prepare them to face challenges and hardships and never give up. Regular prayers bring peace, joy and comfort to mental and physical health.

People who are dealing with a severe post-traumatic disorder or PTSD feel numb and alone, and hyper-vigilant. Engaging in prayers allows the person to keep aside their worries and fears. Through the prayers, they can face their prayers and learn how to cope with them instead of letting their worries take over their consciousness.

Take the Time for Yourself

If you want to keep healthy physically and, most importantly, mentally, take five minutes to connect with God. Ask Him to show you how to walk on and ask for His guidance. Allow your vulnerability to shine when you pray to God.


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