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Lost pearl and broken diamond

Salman2023/04/26 16:55

One boy like girl has a boyfriend she called by her name mera but his husband divorc him.

She was working very hard, but still wondering if this could happen.But when she saw that it happened again today, she became sad again.It's so strange how you can do it again today?But what could happen now he thought and closed his book and got up and went to his room.It is normal that even if you want to stop it, you cannot.I am now thinking why am I doing this? What will benefit me?This is the time when I can make myself I can understand myself, but what happened now.

He got a call letter from his friend.His mother told him that he had received a letter from his friend.Do you know what is written in it? Do you know whether it is not from him?She was constantly thinking of him.

Three days passed, but he did not receive his letter.

Today, she was sitting in the drawing room and she was doing her work when suddenly guests came to her house.His mother asks him to come upstairs and said to make tea for them.

She began to wonder who these guests would be._Mera's_aunt was Joan who had come with her family. Her mother asked her to sit with him and they engaged in conversation.Suddenly the cup of tea fell from Mera's hand and fell down.

Tea spread everywhere and everyone started staring at him.So she became very sad and started thinking about what had happened to her .She was breathing heavily and saying, why with me why with me.All the curious people started looking at him.It was not just a cup of tea but an explosion of dignity.Yes, it was an expression of sincerity, it was respect and orders, it was very important.How could she be so stupid she continued and her mother was also watching.In fact, she was sitting on the chair next to her aunt John, facing both of them, Due to which his tea cup fell on his clothes and reached his feet.All of them gathered with the aunt and her mother started cleaning her aunt's clothes.Excuse me, she stood up and ran away.

He reached the room and closed his door with a loud noise and sat on a chair.He was also, I did the same, I was with him, He took my hand and came to me, we were very close then he said in my ear."Don't do this in the future"

But wasn't it just that, more than that, he was with him that night too when he told me that.

You will remember the punishment for doing it again.

And then the doorbell rang and a letter arrived.

When she received the letter, she held it before her and thought that now she would do exactly as she was told.And she started picking up her clothes and started packing her things and started getting ready that now she will leave

She pressed the letter in her hand and started walking and suddenly stopped in front of the glass and started thinking about that night.

I got a present for you today. Won't you see?look at this.

He said no, I did not say to see. go away

But why are you punishing Just for that one week, please don't fight me to death.Even that day I was very forced, I didn't want to go

It will be three years today, but have you not forgotten this day?

Do you know, he said, I have suffered a lot of pain that you give me .

Do you want me to die? Please see my gift

Whatever he said, get out.Please don't do it and she was shouting fast. Suddenly his hand dropped the letter

She was so happy, she wiped away her tears with her hand and opened the letter with a kiss.

He opened the letter and after reading the first line, she fell down. This letter has words "i divorced you " the divorce Letter will be soon there....


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