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bluepumpkin05 💙2023/04/25 12:56

Will it take over her or release her


She was standing at the lake side - she didn't know how she got here but it was whatever. Soon enough, a strange liquid – black, sticky and smelly – started to pour from the sky. She ran to the tree house for shed while trying to get the black liquid off her body, but it seemed to spread the more she cleaned it off. It was crawling up her arms, her legs ...... Everywhere. The more she cleaned it off, the more it spread and the more her airways felt constricted.

She removed her jacket to clean it off her, but it didn't work.

"Go away" she shrieked. It didn't go anywhere, it quickened the spread and it got up to her neck. She clawed at her neck to get if off, but it seemed this was going to be an impossible thing to do. She was already feeling lightheaded by the time the blackness was up to her jaw and she passed out from the tightness of the liquid around her neck.

I woke up gasping for air greedily as I held my neck. That dream was way to real... My neck felt sore again. I sighed. Touching my neck, I found a little blood and many scratches... I had been clawing at myself while dreaming again .

It was a dream, it always was but it felt so realistic that I thought I was actually going to die.

Getting up from my makeshift bed, which was a cardboard, I switched on my phone to check the time.

'5:42' it read and I started panicking. Laura would "check on me" very soon.

I put on my boots – ignoring the notifications on my phone – then my jacket and started to run like my life depended on it. In a way it did...

The abandoned building where I slept was a good twenty minutes away from the house. I chose the abandoned house to sleep rather than the gas station because it was the only unoccupied and safe place for me to spend the night in.

Such a good fucking find.

My stiff muscles were screaming at me to stop but I couldn't. If that witch didn't find me at home, I'd be placed on house arrest which will very much mean my death in one way or the other... And I don't want to die, at least not yet. I have at least one person to stay alive for.

I received a pep talk yesterday night on how to behave for the new year I've entered as of today... From the witch herself.

The house was already in view and I lunged faster when I saw the light in her room flick on.

Panting hard, I latched myself onto the lead pipe at the back of the house, tiptoed over into the balcony of my room and opened the glass door, successfully entering my room.

It was short lived when I heard her footsteps coming closer. Without thinking, I threw myself under the comforter and held my breath to stop my heavy breaths.

She turned the knob and entered my room......

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