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Meet Mayank Vishwakarma - 36 inches tall and 36 years old, a powerhouse of talent.

Mayank Vishwakarma2023/04/21 16:10
Meet Mayank Vishwakarma - 36 inches tall and 36 years old, a powerhouse of talent.

"Meet Mayank Vishwakarma - 36 inches tall and 36 years old, a powerhouse of talent who dreams tall despite his stunted growth".

We all lack something or the other. However, complaining about our shortcomings never gets us anywhere, and instead, we should make peace and be grateful for what we have and move forward in the process.

Mayank Vishwakarma is a resident of Raipur, Chhattisgarh and he is the youngest multitalented person of Chhattisgarh, some people also say, some people call him by many names like - Chhota Bhaijaan of Hindustan, Little Motivator, Powerhouse, Chhota Packet Bada Dhamaka, Chhota Don, The Real Super Hero, Mr. Multi Talent etc., Mayank Vishwakarma has given a living example of this.

He says, in childhood, ever since I could understand things, I realized that people were reacting differently towards me. I was diagnosed with a rare disease that stunted my growth at a very young age, resulting in a body height of only 36 inches and a weight of 7-9 kgs, which never grew and never grew in life. Sometimes it was less, remained the same, from childhood till now.

We would like to tell you, he was diagnosed with Panhypopituitarism/Pituitary Dwarfism/Growth Hormone Deficiency. He is living with a rare disease known as "Panhypopituitarism", in which the pituitary gland stops making most of its hormones. It is caused by failure of the pituitary gland or by a tumor near the pituitary gland. There is an estimated incidence of 4.2 cases per 100,000 per year and an estimated prevalence of 45.5 cases per 100,000 without gender difference. There is no solution to this problem. Due to this condition, he says, I am having some difficulty in walking and I have also developed a severe deformity of the spine called "kyphoscoliosis", and I am facing difficulty in doing daily activities like a normal human being.

Mayank says - When I was a 5-6 few months old, at that time, I was very ill with severe pneumonia and at that time, the doctors could not treat me properly, they could not understand what really happened to me, one doctor said, I had water in my chest and another doctor said he was breathing very fast or having trouble in breathing... He, without knowing anything, wondering what was wrong with me, tried experiment after experiment. Gave heavy medicines, I needed to inject 0.01ml but they gave me 2ml just double dose, as a result, my condition became very weak and all my body water and muscles dried up and I became very thin and thin, I was so weak that I was not able to lift or move my head, I was lying like a corpse the whole time, my mother used to check my heartbeat, every 2 minutes whether I am alive or not. After worsening my case, the doctors have no shame in telling my parents to stop worrying about their child, he will not live more than seven days or a few weeks or a month, If he survives, he will never be able to speak, will never be able to walk or run and will never be able to do a job. But by the grace of God, I survived, with my parents hard work and blessings and prayers, I proved all the doctors wrong, whatever they said, today I do everything on my own, I Completed my school and college studies, I learned to walk by watching my younger sister, she started going to school before me, seeing her I also wanted to go to school, so because of this I could walk, today I can walk and run and I have also done a private job for 3.5 years like a normal person.

Mayank Vishwakarma is a true superhero for today's young generation and a role model for all. Mayank's journey was never smooth as the roads were always intertwined. His short structure was one of the most obvious inefficiencies. His short structure had become an emotional blow to him. When he first realized that everyone would surpass him in height and that he would never grow, he was shattered like glass. He used to cry in private many times, thinking this and said that "I refuse to be small myself - I am not less than anyone, I may be small in height, but my skills and courage are quite high. But his parents told him, why is he like that, the sooner he accepts reality and himself, as he is, the better it will be. He definitely dreams tall . He is often misunderstood as a young child or child, as if he is 36 years old; he is much younger than adults his age and looks young. But he doesn't care for the comments or backlash and is a star. aspires to be.

Mayank further tells us - “If I have to go out of the house, then there is a lot of trouble. In an environment where there is a lack of sensitivity towards people with disabilities, my height tested my confidence, as were the many embarrassing situations I experienced which, over time, affected my social interactions. Although living as a little person or man is like being the main attraction, I have attracted the attention of so many people everyday in my life. When I was a kid, I used to go to public places and find out who would say something first and someone always did. Most of the time it was, "Isn't that cute"? But sometimes it was more brutal and bad. He would laugh with his hand over his mouth, I would try to look away, but then he would alert his friends too. They were whispering among themselves. When I made eye contact with him, he would look around and try to hold back his laughter, secretly taking pictures of me without asking me. This still happens and continues to happen. There are times when they don't even pretend to hide their derision. Once, while walking in a mall, I pass by a store, suddenly someone sees me and makes my whole family stand laughing at the store window. When I was a child, I used to hide my inner pain. I pretended that I was happy, and that nothing seemed to be happening in my mind, but deep inside I was crying and wishing I was someone else - how I felt about myself, I only knew. Even after going through everything, I could do nothing but love my family and friends with all my heart. I had decided that I would not let my height come in the way of my dreams. Mayank has proved that he may be small in structure but he is not weak, he was strong in his weaknesses and he reveled in his pain.

Mayank Vishwakarma is a multi talented, hard working person in his own right. Mayank is also a motivational speaker and a social worker, he is also associated with some social work like - *Anti corruption foundation of India as District Director* in which he creates awareness to stop corruption, another foundation is *Native Chhattisgarh Divyang and Mukti Morcha as a State Coordinator in Arts Department* His Achievements - He is a Corona Warrior, "FSIA Real Super Heroes Awardee - 2022", He is a Certified Food Therapist and Nutritionist and specially, He is also the India Book of Record holder and Asia Book of Record holder - 2022, in which he holds the record for the longest continuous stay in horse pose, 6 minutes 28 seconds - that too in able-bodied category, Rashtriya Gaurav Puraskar, He has also been honored with the National Record Pride Award by Navbharat Rashtriya Gyanpeeth. Mayank is passionate about art/painting/writing and singing in which he has won many awards, medals and certificates. His parents have proved to be his backbone/support system. They are the ones who have seen and supported him, wiped his tears whenever he was on the verge of breaking down. His mother Punni Vishwakarma, 60, and father Manik Lal Vishwakarma, 67, as well as his younger siblings. Of these, none let the little man give up on life. Mayank is adept at everything that most people of his age are today. As such, Mayank has an Instagram account, Instagram ID Name - @mayankvishwakrm_official, where he posts all his latest pictures and his singing reel videos. He wants to be famous and wants people to recognize him differently for his talent and not because of his height. But he does not let anything affect him. It seems, he has mentally trained himself to be positive and not get influenced by negative people.

Mayank said - "I am my own inspiration, because from childhood till today, whatever has happened to me, I have learned to live life."

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