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6 tips on becoming the best female version of yourself

Miya Pinky2023/04/20 09:02

Happiness is free so we ladies deserve to be happy always.

Being the best version of yourself means being strong , independent and reliable. So below are some Tips on becoming the best female version of yourself .

1. Always put your basic needs first: Being a lady doesn't always mean that we should always be willing to please people. When you notice yourself in need of something whether be it affection , attention or even intimacy,Please give yourself what you need.

Learn to pamper yourself every once in a while. Because nobody can do it better than you do.

2. Don't compare yourself to others (Love yourself):

Cultivate the habit of loving yourself for who you are and what you are capable of doing. Do not compare your ability with that of of others because we were bot all created in the same way.

3.Be closer to your creator: Remember that he is you beginning and he is also your end so learn to be closer to him . Make him your comforter , your friend so he will guide you through the days of your life .

4. Set clear boundaries for yourself to avoid See finish : Set a limit for where you can tolerate things . Don't be afraid , be clear with all you do .Be a no nonsense taking person .Be a Boss.

5. Believe in yourself always ( you can do it ):

Learn to believe in yourself .Do not let what people say about you define your life and actions. Be the dictator of your life .

6. Be assertive, a little aggressive but not too much:

Stand up for yourself and your beliefs . Be the strongest woman you can be . Be a role model to other women through your actions . Don't be taken for granted .


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