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John and Hope


An amazing allegorical poem by an anonymous poet. Read and try to understand the hidden meaning of the poem.

John and Hope

Once upon a time there lived a man named John

Who had a heart of gold and a mind so strong

He was kind and generous, always doing his best

To help those in need, no matter the request

John had a dream to make the world a better place

Where everyone could live in peace and grace

He worked hard to make his dream come true

But it seemed like an impossible task to do

One day, John decided to take a journey

To find the answer that would bring him clarity

He traveled far and wide, through mountains and valleys

Until he reached the gates of Heaven's palace

At the gates he was met by an angel named Hope

Who said she could show him how to cope

She told him that if he wanted to make his dream come true

He must first learn how to love himself too

John thanked Hope for her wise advice

And vowed to take it with him on his journey back home twice.

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