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How I wish

Adesanya Daniel2023/04/18 15:18

I was in my third year in school when it all started .

On that fateful day, I left my hostel to go and meet one of my friend. I met this girl on my way who was so beautiful to behold and I decided to talk to her. We got talking for up to two minutes before exchanging numbers.

After few months we finally decided to start it up from there as I asked her to be my girlfriend. She was surprised at what she heard but after few minutes she decided to say yes.

Months went as our love grew stronger while my pocket money in school got exhausted faster.

I decided to go visit her without informing her that I was coming. To my utmost surprise, I met her with a guy who had boys around him, I asked her who he was and she told me that he is her boyfriend. In my anger, I decided to confront the him but he sent his boys to attack me and from there, I went unconscious.

It was after three days in coma I woke up and I saw that I was in a hospital. I saw my parents and my friends there and I asked them what happened. They told me that one of my friend saw me where those evil boys dropped me unconsciously.

I later got to realize that she was the girlfriend of a popular known cultist in the school. I was blinded by love that I didn't bother getting to know information about her through her friends and if she was actually a child of God. How I wish I careful observed her before going into the relationship. This mistake is a lesson to others that you shouldn't let your emotions deprive you of your careful observation of people.



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