My subordinate and I

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The first meeting between her and her Master

My subordinate and I

Her eyes opened wide in an instant looking at the ceiling, she sat up and found herself on a bed in a room and it was morning already. Getting off the bed as she does, she sighted a figure of a man through a veil hanged around the bed she was on as the wind blew on it, she was distracted by the figure that she missed her step and tumbled on the ground from the bed, then raised her head looking at the figure showing no sign of burden towards her,

"Excuse me, sir," she said as she stood up, still the man was on his business so she advanced to him and saw a spot of ink on the side of the table before him with a spread white paper on it, she peeked and took a look at what he was writing,

"I am looking for my master do you happen to know who he is?" She asked again, but still, the man has his attention on the paper before him, she got upset and squat down before him and starred at the paper for a while, then grunted and rose in an instant and took some steps forward, then turned back to him and said,

"Are you deaf?"

He said nothing still quiet, she added


Then the man pointed to a seat by his side and continued drawing, she had no idea what he meant by that so she guessed maybe he wanted her to sit there,

"Do you want me to sit there?" She asked him but as earlier he said nothing,

She then sat down on the seat, and before her was a table just like his. She sat there for almost an hour without doing anything until when the man finished what he was drawing and stood,

"Hey" she called to him, he stopped and turned to her,

"Are you done?" He asked,

"Done? with what?"

Without answering her he turned and walked to a side wall of the room then picked a picture frame from a bunch and framed the drawing he finished.

"My name is Akli Sajra..." She gasped and rose in an instant the moment he said that "welcome to the mages sect" he added as he placed the picture on the wall.

"Are you done?" He asked again

"I'm sorry master please forgive my early actions" she then goes down on her knees and put both her hands on the ground,

"Get up and start," he said and placed a paper on her table,

"I'm sorry master but what am I supposed to do with the paper?" She asked while still on the ground,

"Draw," he said,

"What am I going to draw master?" She asked,

"Anything you can think of," he said then walked to his desk and picked up a book to read,

"What's your name?" He asked,

"My name master?" She responded in shock, he said nothing afterward but glared at her,

"Oh, it's Nana master" she answered,

"From what part of the realm are you?"

"From the upper North master,"

"What clan?"

"The Silver Spring clan master"

"What can you tell me about the Silver Spring clan?"

"Nothing much Master, it is one of the respected lower Noble houses in upper north and we have the biggest spring in the region...." She went on and on telling him about her clan and the upper north for hours but the only thing that caught his attention was the part where she talked about her ten elder siblings,

"You are having ten older siblings?" He was fascinated to ask,

"Yes," she said as her mood changes low,

"What can you tell me about them?" He asked as he put down his book, she then started,

"They are the absolute worst, they are my parent's darlings while I am just their dear baby girl....." She talked about them for another hour letting out all her burdens, tears began crawling down of her eyes, dripping under her cheeks onto the paper before her, without even knowing until when she finished and took a heavy breath,

"Are you done drawing?" He asked,

"What?!" She said, "oh sorry master I said a lot" then wiped off the tears running down from her eyes, she picked up the brush and dip it into the ink, and put it out to start drawing,

"I'm sorry..." Said Akli, Nana sighed and turned to face him with her brows going up looking stunned by what he said,

"I understand that you feel undermined by how your family acts towards you, but don't worry about that everything will be alright," he said to her while looking at the opened book in his hand, hearing that brings out tears from her eyes, he peeked over his book and saw her about to cry,

"Do you mind finishing what I asked you before wailing?" He said,

She smiled and wiped off her tears and smiled, then started drawing.

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